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  Non-magnetic General Chip Resistor

Product Features: Non-magnetic, meet the performance requirements of MRI, the products comply with RoHS instruction.
Dimensions: 0402、0603、0805、1206

Resistance range: E-24、E-96 Series.
Rated power/output: 1/16W、1/8W、1/4W

Operating Temperature Range:-55℃~+125℃
Temperature Coefficient:±100PPM/℃、±200PPM/℃
Part Numbering:
R  0805 RC 103   J PD (NM) 
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①  ②  ③  ④ ⑤ ⑥  ⑦ 
①General Chip Resistor

②Dimensions: 0402、0603、0805、1206
③Temperature Coefficient:RC=±100PPM/℃、RD=±200PPM/℃
④Resistance: Ex: 1R0=1Ω、103=10KΩ、1003=100KΩ、000=跨接电阻(jump resistor)
⑤Tolerance: F=±1% G=±2% J=±5% 0=跨接电阻(jump resistor)
⑥Packaging: PB= Bulk packaging in a bag  PD= Tape carrier packaging
⑦Termination Type: NM=Nonmagnetic Copper and 100%Sn(RoSH)
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