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  DLC70C High Q/power chip capacitor

Product Features: High Q, high power, low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self-resonance, high
reliability, DLC70C Series meets ROHS instruction.
Dimensions: 2225(British System) length = 5.84 +0.51~-0.25mm, width = 6.35±0.38mm,
thickness = 4.19mm(Maximum).

Capacitance: 1pF ~2700Pf.
Quality Factor: Q≥10000(≤1000pF 1MHz 1V),Q≥10000(>1000pF 1KHz 1V))
Working Voltage:2500V(1-270pF)、1500V(330-470pF) 、1000V(560-1200pF) 、500V(1500-1800pF)

Operating Temperature Range: -55℃~+125℃
Temperature Coefficient: 0 ±30 ppm/℃
Part Numbering:
DLC70 C 102 J  W 252 X  B
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①  ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧
① Product Series.
②Dimensions: C=2225

③Capacitance: Capacitance<10pF  Ex: 1R0=1.0pF, R is in place of decimal point
Capacitance≥10pF,  Ex: 101=10X101=100pF, Two significant digits followed by no. of zeros.
④Tolerance: A=±0.05pF B=±0.1pF C=±0.25pF D=±0.5pF F=±1% G=±2% J=±5%
⑤Termination Type: W =Nickel, 100%Sn (comply with RoHS instruction), P = Copper,
Sn(Nonmagnetic, comply with RoHS instruction).
⑥Rated Voltage: 301=300V 501=500V 102=1000V 152=1500V 252=2500V
⑦Marking: X= laser marking, N= no laser marking.
⑧Packaging: B =Bulk packaging in a bag   T: Tape carrier packaging.
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